Enjoy fresh, wholesome creations from our kitchen.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse Cake — $6.00

Served with fresh raspberry sauce and maple glazed almonds.

Cream Pie du jour — $7.00

With our maple walnut honey granola crust.

Warm Pear Crunch   $5.00

Apple Pie à la mode — $6.00

Fresh seasonal fruit sweetened with honey and succanat. Bake in a butter-flake crust.

Mocha Custard — $5.00

A classic egg custard flavored with maple syrup and grain coffee served with fresh whipped cream.

Indian Pudding with maple whipped cream $5.00


Vanilla Ice Cream — $4.00
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Sauce — $2.75

Ask about our seasonal dessert specials.


  • House Tea Organic Bancha. — $2.25

  • Herb Tea by the Pot — $3
    Please ask waitperson for selections.

  • Pot of Earl Grey — $3

  • Pot of English Breakfast — $3

  • Fair-Trade Coffee Refill — $2.25
    Complimentary with dinner.

  • Fair-Trade Decaf Coffee Refill— $2.25
    Complimentary with dinner.

Smith Woodhouse Ports

  • Lodge Reserve Vintage Character — $6 glass

  • Made from the best Reserve wines chosen for their concentrated rich fruit style. During aging in oak the intense fresh fruitiness and vigor matures into the smooth yet assertive Lodge Reserve. Its medium-full body has mild tannins and medium sweetness. Superb served on its own or with dessert.

  • 10 Year Tawny — $8 glass

  • Every autumn we set aside a small quantity of wines specially selected to mature gracefully in oak casks. After aging for ten years, a Tawny Port of superb balance with delicate wood hues, rich mellow fruit, and slightly nutty flavors is produced. Delicious served at room temperature or chilled with desserts.

Please Note

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. Feel free to ask whether your selections would be appropriate for your dietary needs.