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Thanks for making us the Advocate Best of the Valley !!

Best Vegetarian Restaurant, Best Salads, Best Lunch, Best Restaurant for Seafood

Best Place for Soup

Best Restaurant

Best Of 14 Va 1st 
Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Of 14 Va 1st 
Best Salads

Best Of 14 Va 2nd
Best Restaurant for Seafood

Advocate 2012 Black
Best Vegetarian
Advocate 2012 Gray
Best Salads
Advocate 2012 White
Best Restaurant
for Seafood

"Paul and Elizabeth's, one of the early mainstays of vegetarian dining in Northampton and now 30 years old, draws people in for its healthy, thoughtfully conceived dishes even at a time when discretionary income is in short supply. "We notice people spending less but still coming," says chef Nate Sustick, the son of the restaurant's founders. Paul and Elizabeth's is known for its daily seafood specials, varied salads and house-baked breads and desserts, and though the cost of some ingredients is going up, the restaurant is holding the line on prices, still offering lunch from $7 and dinner from $10 to $20."

~ The Valley Advocate


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"If you want a comfortable, home-style place to eat, Paul and Elizabeth's is perfect. Atmosphere earns a gold plate for its earthy style, which includes walls of quilts, tapestries and stained glass."

"For dessert, our Diner enjoys the creamy pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. It has just the right amount of light cinnamon-nutmeg flavor in it. The crust is nice and flaky. The chocolate mousse cake is also wonderful. The mousse has a nice, creamy texture . It's topped with almonds and a raspberry sauce. Dessert earns a platinum plate."

~ Billy Costa - NECN TV Diner

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"Not to wax evangelical in a non-sectarian newspaper, but we must make a personal sacrament of the roll. The roll, as interpreted by Paul and Elizabeth, is a magnificent oversize whole wheat creation with high side walls and a positively ecclesiastical domed top, lightly crusty with a feathery interior and a yeasty whole grain taste."

~ Boston Globe Review

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"At Paul and Elizabeth's, tasty breads and exuberant vegetables are preludes to the final indulgence: luscious desserts."

~ C.C. Brulée - Valley Advocate

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